Hi! I’m back! I’ve taken a nice long hiatus and I finally feel up to blogging again. Sometimes we all need a vacation. I thought I’d share a few of the pictures I snapped on my cell phone this weekend since I repainted the first floor of my house! You may remember seeing colorful splashes of my house before.
Like the very bold orange wall that I used to take outfit photos in front of, this was in my kitchen. I also had the wall covered in framed prints of vintage travel posters for cities my husband and I have gone to together. Well…the pumpkin orange, apple green and butter yellow days are gone!
House Updates
After 7 years of bright and colorful I decided I wanted a bit more serene but still bold color palette of teal, mocha and mint. That’s right, mint! My ceilings aren’t white, they’re a lovely shade of mint that really pops with the teal.
House Updates
We also added some stripes to the entry way along with new striped Flor carpet tiles. My favorite carpet tiles have to be the ones we added in the living room.
Hide & Batik
We picked out Hide & Batik in Quartz by Flor and love the color palette and the cool pattern. I’ve got a few more changes and updates to make and I’ll share those soon but I’ve been so excited and in love with my new living room I had to share it now. And thanks for still reading!